About Us

Welcome to Bont Gin; a gin bar, micro-distillery and gin school in the heart of Cowbridge, South Wales.

We like to think of ourselves as a raw prohibition speakeasy fused with a stylish gin society, our copper still is on display for all to see and if you’re lucky you’ll catch us crafting the latest batch of Bont.

So come, climb our stairs on Cowbridge High Street and we’ll make it worth your while, but just a heads up… we’re walk ins only and we don’t accept cash. Card is king!

Why the name? Why the cow? Why the white bottle?

Well, our name is a simple nod to our connections with Cowbridge (Y Bont-faen) and Bridgend (Pen-y-bont) but the history behind our gin, our garnish and our bottle runs much deeper… into, believe it or not, milk!

After being founded by the Ladbrooke brothers in 1947, the hot summers of the 50s & 60s gave Bridgend Creamery a headache as the shelf-life of milk would naturally shorten. However, this gave them the idea to diversify. They adapted their bottling plant to produce an orange juice drink alongside milk, then sold it via their electric floats. The juice was an enormous success and rivalled dairy sales for many years.

The zesty orange flavour profile of Bont Gin and our recommendation of a slice of fresh orange as garnish is homage to that once famous pure orange juice. The cow on our label, our white bottle and the recyclability of it is a tribute to the creamery, it’s bottling plant and the durable, iconic British milk bottle.

Our gin journey...

Our journey started with an idea over a few too many G&Ts back in 2013, fast forward to 2018 and we’d devised a simple recipe and finally decided to take the plunge… In spring 2019 we made our first bottle of Bont, we perfected it over the following months and then with a 60L copper still in Nolton Corner (an award winning gin bar in Bridgend, South Wales) we officially launched Bont during the unfortunate chaos of the 2020 pandemic. Fast forward to 2021 and thanks to some wonderful support, Bont became a permanent resident on Cowbridge High Street as a gin bar, distillery and gin school.

Where can I try Bont?

Aside from at our bar in Cowbridge, we’re also the house pour just down the road at 1 Town Hall Square as well as Nolton Corner, The Coach & Brewery Field in Bridgend. We also supply a plethora of good pubs, bars, restaurants and shops across South Wales and further afield.

Can I buy a bottle of Bont?

Yes, of course, just pop in and see us on Cowbridge High Street or head to our online shop. Trade enquiries, please drop us an email.

What botanicals do you use in Bont?

We use a secret blend of cassia bark, fresh orange peel and rosemary, amongst other things. We initially macerate for 22 hours, then we distill via vapour infusion for some of the more delicate flavours. We never add anything after distillation because Bont is Llundain Sych and likewise, to ensure Bont is of the highest quality we never use any distillates below 75%.

Tell me more about your gin school...

Launching in 2022, join us to create your very own gin at our Bont Gin School. You’ll learn all about the craft of distilling and then, using your new knowledge you’ll choose your favourite botanicals and distill your very own unique bottle of gin to take home with you.

Bookings being taken very soon.

Can I book a table?

No need to book, we’re walk ins only.

Why don’t you accept cash?

This is to reduce your waiting time and improve your experience with us. We do accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express.

I don’t like gin.

Non gin lovers, have no fear, you’re welcome too!. Our bar stocks a fantastic range of beer, wine and other spirits from all around the world

Do you serve food?

Our focus is gin but Cowbridge is home to some wonderful restaurants and eateries and we’re happy to recommend one to you. Pop in and see us for a pre or post meal drink.